For more information call: (888) 725-5910

For more information call: (888) 725-5910

Get pre-screened property sellers 

who are committed to a set date and time to talk with you about your listing options

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Daniel Del RealDaniel Del Real

Mega Agent Pro helped to grow his listing.

Terri BiasTerri Bias and Associates

You are getting the listing and a buyer as well.

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Terri BiasTerri Bias and Associates

A big obstacle I’ve had in the past is sellers who have had a bad experience with an agent in the past. But after Mega Agent Pro uses their consumer advocate position to introduce me, the sellers have been more open to letting me come to see them. When I go out to see the seller, they’ve been willing to listen to me. When I listened to the Mega Agent Pro script, I thought WOW, they sound so professional. I wouldn’t mind spending money to help them get me more listings.

We will show you how to get listings, find motivated home sellers, and nurture them.

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Our unique service program helps real estate agents quadruple their listing volumes with dedicated prospecting team and set for your listing appointments!

We partner with thousands of top real estate agents. We provide specialized resources and the expertise needed to produce momentum and successful sales activities.Because we only partner with the best agents, we are a trusted resource for homeowners. We put home sellers in touch with the top real estate agents.

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"If I were to ask any real estate agent, “Hey, do you want more listings?” What do you think they would say? “Oh, no thanks. I don’t need any more." Crazy! Right? There’s no way an agent would ever turn down more listings. We all want more listings, more sales ,more money, and more success! It’s HOW you get more listings that becomes the million-dollar question, literally! Well, if you want to hear about a proven system guaranteed to drastically increase listings in any real estate market, then complete the form and we will tell and show you how my friends."

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